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POOLS DIRECT Swimming pools are the right choice if you are looking to buy a fibreglass swimming pool.

We are small English family company backed by a large French pool manufacturing company.

We don’t just sell you a pool. We are here to advise on all aspects of your project from start to finish.

When you are talking to a POOLS DIRECT representative, you are talking to a family member who cares about our reputation and your project.

Our fibreglass swimming pools offer a diverse range for all requirements and budgets. You can choose from a carefully selected range of shapes and colours.

We know that buying a pool is a dream for many,

but call +33 6 42 50 04 31 and see how easy it is for us to make the dream a reality for you.

  • Complete assistance and guidance throughout your pool project

  • Professional and reliable advice

  • Saving our clients money

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Our priority is to save our clients money. Offering the most cost efficient solution of having your dream pool


Tel: ( ENGLISH ) +33 6 42 50 04 31


Mon - Saturday 8h30 - 19h30

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